Secret service hamburg koblenz

secret service hamburg koblenz

Not only that, Hitler also dictated his manifesto, Mein Kampf while incarcerated there. Slogan adopted by the Nazis; it was originally coined by the German former Social Democrat August Winnig, cfr. Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft German Settlement Company German Workers' Party (Austria-Hungary) (DAP) Austria-Hungary party which was the predecessor of the Austrian and Czechoslovak Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei (dnsap founded on 14 November 1903. Mittelbau (Central Structure) abbreviated code-name for Dora-Mittelbau or Mittelbau-Dora. IG Farben was a German chemical industry conglomerate. The Gestapo established Judenräte (the plural) in ghettoes to have them carry out administrative duties.

Secret service hamburg koblenz - Koblenz

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Secret service hamburg koblenz Derived from what was previously a pseudo-vigilante tribunal structure active in medieval Westphalia which meted out extra-judiciary punishment. Oftentimes criminals sent to the camps were assigned kapo duty.


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Those who bore four to five children received the bronze Honor Cross, those who bore six to seven children received the silver Honor Cross, and those who bore at least eight children received the gold Honor Cross. It was contrasted with Sozi, which was used to refer to a Sozi alist,.e. They all swore personal loyalty to the Führer.

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Fahneneid (Flag Oath) oath of allegiance sworn to Hitler by members of the German military. Weibliche Kriminalpolizei Women's branch of the national criminal police department. The Nazis took this word to mean both manual and mental workers. Besatzungsverwaltung occupation administration Besitzbürgertum (Property-owning Bourgeoisie) pejorative term used for upper middle class property owning people early in the Nazi regime's existence. Later the Americans and Allied authorities sent war criminals judged at Nuremberg there to serve out their time. Nazi a short term for Na tionalso zi alist,.e. 12 Sturmscharführer "storm squad leader" the highest enlisted rank in the Waffen-SS, equivalent to (US) sergeant major or (UK) RSM. Kursk city in central Russia; name of the largest tank battle (July 515, 1943) of the war during which Germany lost the military initiative in the Eastern campaign. Arbeit macht frei "Work will set you free an old German peasant saying, not invented by the Nazis. Mit brennender Sorge A letter by Pope Pius XI warning against the Nazis. Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (NSV) nsdap welfare organization founded in Berlin in September 1931. Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation ( nsbo ) National Socialist Factory Cell Organization (Nazi Party labor union) which had a membership of approx. In 1938, Hitler assigned his favourite architect Albert Speer to build the New Reich Chancellery, requesting that the building be completed within a year and it was done. See Federal Coat of Arms of Germany. Wirtschaftliches Sofortprogramm 1932 Economic Program; A nsdap proposed program. Its millennial connotations suggested that its society would last for a thousand years to come. Dolchstoßlegende (Stab-in-the-Back Theory) theory that the German military defeat during the First World War was the result of political intrigue by the Social Democrats, pacifist traitors, Communists and Jews back in Germany at the expense of the brave soldiers, airman, and sailors fighting abroad. Ersatz a substitute product. Enterdungsaktion Exhuming action also called the Sonderaktion 1005 special action 1005 or Aktion 1005 Action luxury escort spanking kontkate 1005. Großgermanisches Reich "Greater Germanic Domain" the official state name of the expanded empire that Germany's war aims set out to establish within Europe in World War. Reichsschrifttumskammer the Nazi Chamber of Literature. Ablieferungspflicht delivery duty on farm products and other goods which had to be contributed to the state to be sold on the German market.

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