Pornokino frankfurt club perls

As you go upstairs, you pay your entrance fee. The cinema is open from.00.00. You can use both shops if you buy a combo ticket (recommended). Once you buy your ticket, keep this safe. There are 3 rooms which contain leather seating and can be locked from the inside with large screens showing gay porn, so if you get a group going ideal. Several smaller cabins where 2 people fit. The name of the shop is Dr Mueller and upstairs is New Man (The gay shop). Four cabins with glory holes in side corridor. Drinks available water, beer, etc.

Pornokino frankfurt club perls - Club

There is a number of open cabins with glory holes in main viewing area and slightly larger cabin towards rear. Jerome, jerome is a small popular gay sex shop and cinema. Medium lighting, so you see everyone, but not garish. To get there, head southwest on Taunusanlage toward GuiollettstraBe 210.


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